CMS Enabling a Financial Institution to Cater to its Diverse Customers

Amalgam Empowers Seamless Bangking: Streamlined Rates, Securities, and Services

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A prominent financial institution based in the United States has set forth on its mission to cater to diverse financial needs, offering a wide array of services such as personal and business banking, student loans, home equity products, credit cards, and more. With a strong commitment to being fully prepared to serve its customers, the Bank has partnered with Amalgam to revamp its marketing website. The work done by Amalgam provides an elevated and seamless banking experience to enhance its customers' financial journeys.


The client was previously unable to effectively convey its ability to address prospects' rates and security needs while adding value to its marketing website. They were also facing difficulties visually depicting their uniqueness, which impacted their ability to stand out in the market and create a sense of accessibility for users
With limited resources the client was unable to:
  • Effectively convey ability to address prospects' rates and security needs

  • Show their unique capabilities

  • Stand out in the market and create user accessibility


Amalgam's approach included:
  • UX/UI Design and Front-End Development: Amalgam revamped the Bank's marketing website, creating a seamless and dynamic user experience with CSS transitions, parallax scrolling, and intelligent page indicators while ensuring a modern and tech-focused identity through accessible and technology-centric images, and rounded corners for a contemporary touch.
  • Functionality and Tools: Amalgam personalized the banking experience by incorporating valuable tools like goal setters, FDIC maximizers, and CD ladder builders. They integrated rate comparisons from Bankrate and product bundles with flexibility for future use, offering customers a comprehensive range of options.
  • Customization and Personalization: Amalgam implemented Magnolia CMS capabilities, enabling rules for diverse copy and image delivery across the site. The website's personalization features recognized users, emphasizing unowned products and highlighting new tools tailored to individual needs.
  • Content Support: Amalgam ensured that the Bank's content management system, Magnolia, supported infographics, videos, blogging formats, and integrated social media content.
  • UX/UI design and front-end development: Amalgam wrapped the architecture behind the customer portal with a contemporary UX/UI design.
  • Continued Partner Build: Amalgam continues to be the company’s sole development partner for all of their technological needs
Enhanced Business Capabilities:
  • Ability to Update Website Content Effortlessly and Instantly: Amalgam excels in designing and developing marketing websites that not only instantly communicate clients' capabilities but also empower businesses through streamlined content updates, eliminating coordination hassles, and expediting deployment processes.
  • Ability to Create Responsive Multi-Device Experience and Accessibility Compliance: Amalgam enables clients' websites to seamlessly display across various screen devices while adhering to WCAG standards, ensuring inclusive and user-friendly digital experiences.
  • Ability to Design a Clear and Concise Homepage to Enhance User Experience: Amalgam excels at creating a clear and concise homepage, showcasing Savings and CD overviews with market-leading rates, minimum deposits, FDIC insurance, and transparent fees. The page includes intuitive CTAs for easy access, interactive tools, security information, and contact details to talk to a specialist.


The partnership enables the Bank to seamlessly showcase rates, security, and unique services on its website. This parnership streamlines content updates, ensures accessibility compliance, and accelerates deployment, empowering the Bank to stand out, offer personalized guidance, and deliver an exceptional online banking experience.
Team Size
x 4
7 months

Designed, updated, and streamlined marketing websites.

Enhanced UX/UI with dynamic elements and modern design.

Ensured responsive, accessible multi-device experiences with WCAG compliance.

Mastered a user-friendly homepage with savings and CD details.