Brokerage Company Streamlines Employee Operations

Amalgam builds software to streamline day to day operations for revenue driving
and supporting employees

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Legacy technology and processes can slow down daily operations for revenue driving and administrative employees. This is especially the case for the insurance space, where complex data relationships and logic feed vital metrics such as sales numbers, retention, and commission payouts. Looking to optimize and further empower agent and administrative employees, a U.S.-based life brokerag company partnered with amalgam.

Amalgam’s enhancements of reporting, formerly manual processes, and logic enabled the company’s employees to more easily manage their daily tasks while keeping the integrity of the detailed data relationships that powers incentives, rewards, and commissions.


The primary challenges for the client were the reliance on manual processes that lacked key business logic,  inflexibility of reports,  and a counterintuitive UX/UI.
With the legacy platform, the client was unable to:
  • Easily create custom personal reports

  • Standardize administrative tasks that are essential for onboarding

  • Be confident in key data affecting personal incentives


Amalgam's approach included:
  • DevOps Assessment: This assessment allowed amalgam to analyze and outline current architecture maturity as well as identify a roadmap for improvement
  • Creation of new reporting logic and key data fields: Amalgam created data structures in Java that maintains the integrity of key data relationships and added key data fields for personal agent reporting
  • Creation of new administrative logic: Amalgam create new processes and incremental business logic  for agent onboarding and communication
  • Data Migration and Clean-Up: The amalgam team migrated legacy data from mySQL to PostgreSQL, scrubbed legacy data, and added key data fields for agent management
  • Revamp of UX/UI interfaces: The team worked closely with management to engineer a new interface to facilitate all personal agent reporting  with contemporary functionality and design
Enhanced Technical Capabilities:
  • Ability to easily create and update agent hierarchy profiles for administrators: The client’s legacy platform relied on a manual process for creating and maintaining complex hierarchy relationships that dictate commission payouts. Amalgam designed an automated process that creates these relationships and an interface that provides the admins the ability to edit the data relationships while maintaining their integrity.
  • Ability to easily edit agent profile data for administrators: The client’s legacy administrative platform did not have logic that allowed administrators to easily view and edit critical aspects of agent data. Amalgam created business logic wrapped in a contemporary UX/UI to solve for this
  • Ability to push and encrypt essential team communications for administrators: The client’s legacy email server lacked key security elements that resulted in key communications being lost. Amalgam migrated the client to a contemporary email server
  • Ability to create dynamic personal reports for agents: The client’s administrators formerly were unable to create custom personal reports to review the performance of individual agents. Amalgam created new reporting logic wrapped in a contemporary UX/UI to solve for this


With the successful revamp of the data structures, creation of new reporting logic, and refinement of the UI/UX, the client optimized their incentives engine and enabled their leaders to manage their agents easily and effectively
Team Size
x 8
7 months

Enhanced reporting wrapped in contemporary in a UI/UX

Automated incentive processes that maintain data relationship integrity

Scrubbed data and inputted key data fields and logic

Created security and backup protocols for key data