App Modernization: Upgrading the Core System and Empowering Operational Excellence

Amalgam works to upgrade a company's core system.

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A key player in the tax-exempt and government marketplace known for its adept management of intricate retirement plans, faced the pivotal task of upgrading their cornerstone system, Relius, to the latest v2017 version. To navigate this challenge, the client forged a strategic partnership with Amalgam. This collaboration extended beyond the technical upgrade, encompassing the integration of the mission-critical bCompliant system with Relius Connect. The ensuing synergy between the client and Amalgam culminated in a successful transition, exemplifying the power of collaboration in achieving technological milestones within this competitive landscape.


The client faces the formidable task of upgrading their foundational system, Relius, to the latest v2017 release. This transition necessitates a crucial modification of their mission-critical system, bCompliant, to integrate with the Relius Connect product, thus enabling efficient retrieval of data from the updated Relius database. Notably, Relius Connect represents the licensed method of data interchange spcifically designed to harmonize with the advancements of the new Relius version, underlining the critcality of this integration for the client's ongoing operational excellence.
With limited resources the client was unable to:
  • Upgrade their foundational system to the latest release

  • Enable efficient retrieval of data

  • Modify mission-critical system


Amalgam's approach included:
  • Migrating bCompliant-Specific Tables and Establishing Environments: Extract and migrate bCompliant-specific tables from the Relius database to MS SQL SERVER to ensure data integrity and compatibility. Define and create distinct QA and Production environments with configurations mirroring real-world scenarios.
  • Integration Testing and Relius Connect Integration: Conduct integration testing to identify points necessitating Relius Connect.
  • Documentation and Database Call Clarification: Thoroughly document database calls and integration points between Relius (Oracle) and bCompliant (SQL Server) to facilitate clear understanding and future maintenance.
  • Adapting bCompliant for Relius Connect: Modify the bCompliant system to seamlessly incorporate Relius Connect functionality for various tasks.
  • User Acceptance Testing: Engage in user acceptance testing (UAT) to ensure the upgraded system and integrated Relius Connect features align with expectations.
  • Continued Partner Build: Amalgam continues to be the company’s sole development partner for all of their technological needs
Business Capabilities:
  • Ability to Execute Technical Migration, Integration, and Testing: Seamlessly migrate bCompliant-specific data tables from Relius to MS SQL SERVER, integrate bCompliant with Relius Connect to facilitate fluid data interchange, establish dedicated QA and Production environments mirroring real-world scenarios, perform integration testing for import processes, and validate data flow between systems.
  • Capability in Documentation, Communication, and User Feedback Incorporation: Clearly document integration guidelines, communicate changes to stakeholders, modify bCompliant for Relius Connect utilization, engage in thorough user acceptance testing, and incorporate user feedback for system refinement.
  • Expertise in Data Backup, Security, and Regulatory Compliance: Establish a SQL Server backup schedule ensuring synchronization, address data integrity challenges arising from separate databases, ensure compliance with industry regulations, and manage potential risks.
  • Efficiency in Collaboration, Partnership Management, and Service Excellence: Collaborate closely with the client, manage the partnership effectively, uphold service excellence during the upgrade process, and ensure minimal disruption to client operations while meeting or exceeding expectations.


The meticulous execution of the approach led to a seamless Relius upgrade, efficient bCompliant integration, and streamlined data interchange through Relius Connect. The client achieved uninterrupted functionality for trade export, MATC file creation, and standard detail disbursement. The successful culmination of this project underscores the potential of strategic partnerships and forward-thinking technology solutions in overcoming complex challenges within the financial services domain.
Team Size
x 4
7 months

Conducted user testing to ensure the platform meets the clients needs

Migrated compliant tables to create realistic environments

Ensure data backup, security, compliance, and risk management.

Integrated Relius Connect into bCompliant for diverse tasks.