Insurance Broker Enhances Technical Infrastructure, Processes, and Data with Contemporary Architecture

Amalgam builds software services to maintain current operation and to enhance
current systems and processes

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Many companies today rely on legacy technical infrastructure to power management, operational, and revenue driving processes. Looking to introduce efficiencies to these processes and become a more readily scalable company, a U.S.-based insurance broker partnered with Amalgam.

Through Amalgam’s creation of data structures and logic, powered by contemporary code, Kubernetes clustering, and auto containerization, the company was able to maintain current operations, enhance the efficiency of legacy processes, and create a more nimble architecture to support the future growth of the business.


The primary challenges for the client were the reliance on out-of-date infrastructure and unorganized data that necessitated time consuming, manual processes for operations and maintenance.
With the legacy platform, the client was unable to:
  • Multithread key blocks of code

  • Streamline code transfers

  • Dynamically opt for more server space

  • Easily search through agent data


Amalgam's approach included:
  • DevOps Assessment: This assessment allowed amalgam to analyze and outline current architecture maturity as well as identify a roadmap for improvement.
  • Creation of new reporting logic and key data fields: Amalgam created data structures in PostgreSQL and Java with Kubernetes clustering and auto-containerization, enabling the company to streamline code logic, multithread key code blocks, and auto opt for server space
  • Data Migration and Clean-Up: The amalgam team migrated legacy data from mySQL to PostgreSQL, scrubbed legacy data, and added key data fields for agent management
  • Revamp of UX/UI interfaces: The team worked closely with management to engineer a new interface to facilitate all business reporting and resource management with contemporary functionality and design
Enhanced Technical Capabilities:
  • Ability to multithread key blocks of code: The client’s code was formerly single threaded in its legacy implementatation, causing unnecessarily long run times for key blocks of code. Amalgam’s new code logic in Java allowed the client to take advantage of multithreading for faster run times
  • Ability to streamline logic through auto-containerization: The client’s management were experiencing logic slow downs due to a lack of containerization in their infrastructure. Amalgam’s usage of Kubernetes clustering enabled the client to take advantage of the containerization of libraries and dependencies to streamline run times
  • Ability to auto-opt for more server space: Formerly, the client had to rely on manual opt-ins for additional server space. Because of amalgam’s implementation of X, more server space is automatically added as needed to sustain the client’s operations


With the successful revamp of the data structures, creation of new reporting logic, and refinement of the UI/UX, the client optimized their incentives engine and enabled their leaders to manage their agents easily and effectively
Team Size
x 7
9 months

Streamlined run times with auto-containerization, Kubernetes clustering, and multithreading

Enabled the ability to auto opt for server space

Scrubbed data and created new data structures

Created security and backup protocols for key data