Life Insurance Company Improves Enterprise Resource Planning

Amalgam builds software services to enable standardized & user friendly reporting by improving
data structure and logic

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Resource planning for the insurance space is complex and nuanced due to several factors such as local regulation, carrier requirements, and organizational commission structures. Looking to optimize incentives, rewards, and management of employees, a U.S.-based life insurance company selected  amalgam to enhance its reporting, data structures, and logic.

The work done by Amalgam enabled the company to easily report on different facets of their business while keeping the integrity of the data relationships that powers incentives, rewards, and commissions intact.


The primary challenges for the client were reliance on manual processes, inflexibility of reporrts, lack of data relationships and key fields, and counterintuitive UX/UI for management.
With the legacy platform, the client was unable to:
  • Easily create custom management reports

  • Standardize and easily maintain data relationships

  • Be confident in key data affecting cashflow


Amalgam's approach included:
  • DevOps Assessment: This assessment allowed amalgam to analyze and outline current architecture maturity as well as identify a roadmap for improvement.
  • Creation of new reporting logic and key data fields: Amalgam created data structures in Java that maintains the integrity of key data relationships, added key data fields for personal agent reporting, and split the platform into microservices
  • Data Migration and Clean-Up: The amalgam team migrated legacy data from mySQL to PostgreSQL, scrubbed legacy data, and added key data fields for agent management
  • Revamp of UX/UI interfaces: The team worked closely with management to engineer a new interface built using react.js to facilitate all business reporting and resource management with contemporary functionality and design
Enhanced Business Capabilities:
  • Ability to create dynamic scoreboards and management reporting for sales planning: The client’s management were formerly unable to create custom reports for sales resource planning. Amalgam created new logic and reporting capabilities wrapped in a contemporary UX/UI to solve for this.
  • Ability to create dynamic contests for management: The client’s legacy platform did not allow for the creation of  custom contests for sales incentives. Amalgam created logic with a seamless UX/UI that allows management to dynamic, custom contests
  • Ability to directly use their platform to pay commissions: Due to the complex nature of hierarchical payouts, the client’s management was formerly relied on manual processes to facilitate commission payouts. Amalgam created data structures to house this information and  new logic so that payouts could be done right from the platform


With the successful revamp of the data structures, creation of new reporting logic, and refinement of the UI/UX, the client optimized their incentives engine and enabled their leaders to manage their agents easily and effectively
Team Size
x 7
6 months

Enhanced reporting wrap in contemporary in a UI/UX

Automated incentive processes that maintain data relationship integrity

Scrubbed data and input key data fields and logic

Created security and backup protocols for key data